Social Acceptability Study (SAS) Network

A house of specialists in social acceptability research towards sustainable tomorrows



Social Acceptability Study (SAS) network, a platform for knowledge and experience sharing about how we might be able to construct sustainable biobased society. More clearly, this network will work as green-energy hub, will allow coordinated, strong, timely and sustained information with powerful content and partners that help us to increase collective intelligence and to create value efficiency while lowering costs. Additionally, this network will provide information about how energy experts would be able to overcome the barriers to social acceptance of new and more efficient energy technologies. More importantly, SAS, a green-energy hub that is essential for the strategic execution of any sustainable renewable activities.

Specific objectives:

1) To stimulate new thinking and public and policy-maker awareness and understanding about relationship between technological approaches and behavioural approaches towards green energy production and utilization that is sustainable for people and the planet;

2) To increase cooperation between experts in social acceptability research from around the globe;

3) To make regular and structured contacts and cooperation between partners that contribute to the evaluation toward a sustainable planet; more specifically, regular meetings and events of SAS help the  affiliate to discover new opportunities in their field;

4) To undertake joint activities (e.g. publication, seminar\conference\workshop and academic collaboration etc.) of a variety of sustainable topics;

6) To develop trust is biomass based technology;

7) To offer an opportunity to share a broad range of professional expertise from diverse energy communities.


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